The year was 2014, and Amit Shimoni, HIPSTORY’s creator, was late. Really late.

While studying at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Shimoni was known as a procrastinator. But this time he took it too far. The night before his final project was due, he had zilch. Nada. SQUAT.

So Shimoni did what he always did: he winged it. And voila, this time it worked: through a preliminary investigation into mixing his generation’s values with his home country’s history - in other words, hip David Ben Gurion, one of Israel’s founding fathers - HIPSTORY was born, along with an entire international visual language.

To Shimoni’s ongoing surprise, people like his work - a lot! Shimoni has worked with a number of primer international organizations, such as The New York Times, the office of the Prime Minister of Norway, Mexican #GoVote campaigns, and Danish Parliament. He’s also been publicly celebrated for his work, making the Forbes 30 Under 30.

Shimoni also lectures around the world, and is available for commissioned artwork. Contact us for more info!

But his work is not all fun and games. Shimoni’s project has grown beyond his wildest imagination, educating and influencing generations to come. In a world that continues to polarize, Shimoni wants to continue connecting past and present with his own creative twists, elevating figures that positively inspire rather than divide.

And, after all these years, HIPSTORY has taught Shimoni an important life lesson:

Sometimes, late is better than never.